Frequently Asked Questions:
Learn About Your REALTOR®

1. How does my Realtor® get paid, will it cost me for using a REALTOR® to buy a home?
In almost all instances you do not pay your Realtor when buying a home. Generally, the Buyers Real Estate Brokerage is paid by the Seller’s Real Estate Brokerage from the proceeds of the sale.

2. Does my REALTOR® help me get financing?
No, but as REALTORs® we have access to financing options through Mortgage Brokers, Banks and Financial Institutions. We will refer you to recommended professionals to assist you with your real estate financing needs.

3. How many homes will my REALTOR® show me?
I am happy to show you as many homes that meet your criteria until you find the right one. I don’t rush my clients, finding the right home for you is my goal.

4. Will my REALTOR® show me other REALTOR’s® listings?
Yes, I am asked this question frequently. Any REALTOR® can show any MLS Listing and I will also scour the market for non MLS listings and For Sale By Owner Listings to show you. As your REALTOR® I work for you and your interests come first and foremost.

5. Can my Realtor show me For Sale by Owner homes (FSBO)?
If you drive by a FSBO just should jot down the address and the telephone number and give me a call. I will then speak to the home owner and arrange the showing. Most For Sale by Owners will work with REALTORs®

Remember, as your REALTOR®, I am working to protect you when buying your home. Most of the problem transactions we see are when a consumer buys a home without any Realtors involved. We work with buyers every single day. Why would you not want to be represented in one of the biggest investment you are going to make in your lifetime?

6. What if I want to see a home and my REALTOR® is unavailable?
I always do my best to accommodate your requests, in the event there is a conflict we have a large team of Agents that I can call in should the need arise.

7. Should I call the listing Agent when I drive by a home I want to see?
It is always in your best interests to contact your REALTOR®, the listing REALTOR is contractually obligated to look out for the Seller’s best interests as they work for the seller. As mentioned above, as your REALTOR®, I represent you during the property search and closing. I am required by law to represent your best interests. The best representation will come from your own personal REALTOR®.

8. I know in this market, that builders are giving many incentives to buyers. If I go without a REALTOR® will I get a better deal?
REALTOR’s® work in conjunction with almost every new home developer. The developers appreciate Realtors bringing them their clients and usually offer the buyer the same incentives or upgrades with or without a REALTOR®. With all types of Real Estate transactions, your REALTOR® is going to represent your interests when buying a new construction home. Not only will we assist you every step of the way, often we can get you additional upgrades or a better deal than you could get on your own.

9. I have a home to sell; should I still be looking at homes?
A. Of course you can still look at homes. However, I would strongly suggest that you have your home on the market while we are looking for the next home for you.